#63 Endometriosis, PMS And Premature Ovarian Insufficiency With Dr Hannah Short

July 25, 2023 Episode 63
#63 Endometriosis, PMS And Premature Ovarian Insufficiency With Dr Hannah Short
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Show Notes

Menopause is commonly associated with midlife or older age, but it's essential to recognize that Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) can affect a significant number of younger women. 

Roughly one in every 100 women under 40, one in 1,000 women under 30, and one in 10,000 women under 20 experience this condition.  POI refers to menopause occurring well before the average age, and it's something that our guest this week, Dr. Hannah Short, personally experienced. 

After suffering from debilitating pre-menstrual symptoms and endometriosis her whole adult life and trying pretty much everything she could to help with the pain,  Hannah felt her only option left was to have a total hysterectomy, leading to premature surgical menopause when she was 35.

Hannah's journey through premature surgical menopause has had a profound impact on her work, driving her passion to improve the lives of others facing similar challenges. As a GP and accredited specialist in menopause and premenstrual disorders, she offers valuable insights into these conditions.

In this episode, we delve into: 

🎙️ Hannah’s early experiences of endometriosis 
🎙️ The symptoms and causes of endometriosis
🎙️ PMS and how it differs from PMDD
🎙️ Hannah’s personal experience of surgical menopause
🎙️ What a hysterectomy entails and its hormonal implications
🎙️The challenges of replacing hormones when transdermal and oral HRT don't work
🎙️ The power of a plant based diet and exercise

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